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IGR-YA03· 2-night Yacutinga Lodge + 1-night Sheraton Iguazu Hotel & Spa
Arrival to Puerto Iguazu Airport or Foz do Iguaçu Airport. Transfer to Sheraton Iguazu Hotel & Spa. 01 night double room with breakfast. Free time to enjoy the park. The national park offers up to 8 km of different trails to enjoy the falls: upper circuit, lower circuit and trail to the Devil´s Throat

2.30 p.m. Transportation from Puerto Iguazú- Raíces Argentinas - in modern vans travelling through Urugua-I Provincial Park and rural areas of Yerba mate plantations.
In the 145-km distance covered along a paved road the landscape combines small towns and Forest.
During this trip, the Guide will explain the environmental problems of the region and the importance of Natural Areas Conservation.
Arrival at the Lodge, reception, room distribution. Dinner.

Early in the morning Boating along the San Francisco stream, which flows into the Natural Reserve. This is the right moment for a photo-safari and general fauna observation. Floating lasts almost 3 hours, silently going through the Gallery forest area. Back to the Lodge at mid-morning. Lunch.

Free time to walk along the several self-guided interpretation trails or simply to enjoy the facilities of the Lodge (swimming pool, hummingbird Project, etc.).

Interpretative walks in the afternoon, conducted by expert guides who provide good information on the several natural environments, their Flora and Fauna.

Back to the Lodge. Dinner. Night activity, The Forest at night.
Breakfast and free time to explore some of our self-guided interpretation trails, or simply enjoy the Lodge area.

Brunch at the Lodge and return to Iguazú port by land at mid-morning. Arrival estimated at 1:00 p.m. Transfer to airport


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