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Yacutinga Lodge: The Natural Reserve

The astonishing presence of several plant strata overlaying from the ground to the high tree tops; profuse vines of all types and sizes, creating an intricate and  entwined frame for numerous epiphytes that hang from all that can serve as support.

At the same time this site is part of a global network of places recognized for their outstanding value to bird conservation.

The free space between the different vegetation layers is the home to colorful birds like toucans, black fronted piping guans, trogons and woodpeckers.

Life in one of its richest expressions within a frame full of species, shades, dimensions and colors, makes it almost impossible to describe this Forest with words.

This combination of such abundant biodiversity is the result of a natural chaos, which makes up a whole, and which can only be understood by someone who has seen and admired something similar and unforgettable.

The subtropical Forest impresses as a whole, is admirable in its parts and its details arouse curiosity

The majestic silence that at times dominates the Forest lets our ears enjoy an immense sensation and, at the same time, warns us of a coming change of weather.

The song of birds, the buzzing of insects, and the rustle of breeze moving across branches create a conspiracy that may disrupt this silent and oppressive calm.

While staying at the Natural Reserve we reunite with our evolutionary roots, we discover our senses, which are almost atrophied by urban life.

It is greatly important for the visitor to understand that, although it is possible to observe larger animals, this is not usual.

Guests at Yacutinga Lodge must be ready to discover their senses, to feel amazed at all types of life expressions, since all this biodiversity generates a natural interconnection that makes Misiones Forest to live  as a whole.

Yacutinga Wildlife Reserve offers protection to several endangered species, such as the South American Jaguar, Tapir, Ocelot and some severely threatened bird species


Yacutinga Lodge: Suistentable Development

Yacutinga Lodge is not just an ecotourism project located in the Argentine Jungle. We believe that there is an important worldwide need of protecting nature while generating an economical income. At Yacutinga we are doing it.

The ecotourism activity is one of our economic stilts, but there are also other sustainable projects, which are being developed in the Yacutinga area.

With the biological technical support of the Fundacion Vida Silvestre Argentina (WWF asociated organization) and the outcomes of the researches that have place at the Yacutinga Biological Station we are conducting different projects to create a general use of our Private Reserve without spoiling Nature.


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