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Yacutinga Lodge

Yacutinga Lodge and its Wildlife Refuge are located on the Upper Iguazú River, on the northeastern extreme of Argentina, only 60 km away from Iguazú Falls.

Iguazú National Park, in the northernmost area of the province of Misiones, is a region of wide rivers, reddish clay soil, mild (subtropical) weather, and mainly of luxuriant Forests with bright green colors, rich in giant old trees. These Conservation areas located in the border between Argentina and Brazil have pristine cores of Subtropical forest, and bear more than 2,000 species of identified vascular plants and more than 400 species of birds, mammals and reptiles.

Access to Yacutinga Lodge from the cities of Foz do Iguazú  or Puerto Iguazú is easy, since there are airports in both cites.

Once you get to our site, you will feel surrounded by the sounds and details of Misiones Forest. Yacutinga Lodge has been designed to offer the highest comfort possible at the heart of Misiones Forest.

If you are planning to visit us, we recommend staying with us for at least 2 nights. It is very easy to combine Yacutinga Experience  with the traditional visit to Iguazú Falls. The result will be an itinerary of high tourism content to enjoy Misiones Forest.

Yacutinga Experience is the basic itinerary offered at Yacutinga Lodge. Guests may stay with us for more days developing other walks and tours.

Yacutinga Lodge : Photo Gallery

The Lodge
The buildings are adjusted to the natural relief of the terrain, in harmony with surrounding Nature

Native materials, such as stones and large logs from fallen trees have been successfully incorporated into the architectural concept of our place, which integrates completely with the natural Environment.

Only 4 hectares out of the 570-hectare area of the property have been used to build this unprecedented  ecotourism complex in Argentina. During the construction process special care has been taken to minimize negative impacts on nature.

The main building, which includes the Reception, the main Restaurant, the Grill and the Sitting room, provides a special atmosphere because it is surrounded by a Palmetto (Euterpe edulis) stand, which is an endangered species endemic to this area.

From the Main Building, you can go to the garden down a huge log stair, where you will find the eccentrically shaped swimming pool that mimics the environment perfectly.

To the left is the Bar with its large fireplace. It is here, in the fireplace area, where Yacutinga Environmental guides generally meet the visitors to start the organized walks, or simply to exchange information on fauna observations performed during the walks.

Yacutinga Lodge: Accommodation
Accommodations consist of independent lodging modules. The rooms are dispersed throughout the Forest and surround the main building from a certain distance. Each lodging module has four rooms.

The very comfortable, rustic-style rooms have private bathrooms with 24-hour hot water service .  There are matrimonial, double and triple rooms.

Recently a special room has been added which we call “Suite Yatei”.
It is located about 150 meters away from the main building surrounded by jungle. This room is extremly ample and comfortable , specially designed for couples with sophisticated and adventurous spirit,

Mornings can be cold in the Forest during our winter season (June/August), therefore each room also has a woodstove, which in a way reminds us of early settlers.

All the rooms have an exclusive view to the Forest.

While comfortably sitting in the room porch it is common to see humming birds, several bird species and even Agouties (Dasyprocta azarae paraguayensis).

Yacutinga Lodge's aim is to provide the guest with a relaxed atmosphere in harmony with the surrounding Environment, thus achieving an intimate contact with Misiones Nature.

Yacutinga Lodge: Food & Beverage
We base our services at Yacutinga Lodge respecting local culture while incorporating traditional food at international standards.

The ingredients for the food we prepare at the Lodge come mainly from neighboring farmers who do not use chemicals and depending on the season, we receive supplies from producers of local town Andresito

Our food has that unique and distinguished taste of homemade food, prepared with fresh and balanced ingredients.

We offer vegetarian menus and in case our guest requests a special menu we elaborate it gladly.

Yacutinga Lodge´s Concept
Keeping our commitment to live in harmony with Nature, we consider each detail and try to provide the best ecotourism service possible in the Forest. E-mail services through a leading edge satellite system to comfortable beds with natural cotton bedroom linen.

The main building is the starting point of our tours to Yacutinga wildlife Refuge. Early in the morning or in the afternoon, even in night hours, our expert guides organize floating services or walks along the different interpretation trails.

No more than 12 people ever participate in each tour at a time. All our trips are based on respect for the natural environment, its silence and interpretation.

Our guides, specialized in Misiones wildlife, are proficient at English.

At Yacutinga Lodge, we base our services on respect for the local culture, offering traditional local cuisine with international-level preparation and presentation.

Local people also guide our tours, since they provide complementary information on the use of medicinal plants of the Forest, tracking and identification of wild animal footprints and many other topics of interest to the traveler.

You need not be an expert in environment or biology to enjoy your stay at Yacutinga Lodge. Much on the contrary, one of the conceptual keystones of our project is environmental education.

We strongly believe that all of us must be respectful of nature, since we are part of it.

From Misiones Forest, people at Yacutinga Lodge make an effort to transmit this environmental awareness in a completely natural way. We like to do it, and in some way we feel proud of it.

We are happy to know that, when coming back home, our guests pass on their community the knowledge that we were able to provide them here.

For those who are interested in specific environmental topics, we have organized stays focused on bird watching and classification, entomology, medicinal plants, orchids and bromeliads.

In 2003 Yacutinga Lodge and its Wildlife Refuge was selected by the World Tourism Organization as one of the 60 model ecotourism enterprises at the World Level.


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