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Esturion Hotel

El Hotel Esturion & Lodge has an strategic location within the heart of Iguazu Jungle. It´s in Av. 3 Fronteras 650, Puerto Iguazú. It is a very good 4 -star hotel which offer to the guests an hospitality, and good services they need.

Hotel Esturión has 115 rooms (singles, doubles, triples) fully equipped, offers a good restaurant, laundry service, swimming pool and solarium, tennis court, futbol court, and a park for children.


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Guest Rooms

Comfortable and brighty rooms with great views even to the city scape or the jungle.

Regency Room

101 Standard Rooms Hair dryer and bathroom kit
Individual, cooler - heater air conditioning VIP amenities
Minibar Safe Box
Cable TV 21 Laundry Service
Telephone NDD & IDD Parking with permanent survillance

Suite Room

4 Superior Rooms Hairdryer & Bathroom Kit
Individual, cooler - heater air conditioning VIP amenities
Minibar Safe Box
Cable TV 29 Laundry Service
Telephone NDD & IDD Parking with permanent survillance


10 Lodges Laundry Service
Individual, cooler - heater air conditioning adjus Parking with permanent survillance
Full Minibar Kitchenette
Cable LCD TV 21 Hi-Fi Sound System
Telephone NDD & IDD Microwave Oven
Hairdryer & Bathroom Kit Transfer In / Out Hotel - Lodges
VIP amenities Internet WireLess
Safe Box

























The Esturion Hotel & Lodge offers a large variety of services:

Swimming Pool
Located within a spectacular area and amazing view towards Iguazu river.
It is a large swimming pool with solarium facilities that will let you rest in quiet enviroment
with snack service... 

Opening : from 10:00 hs. to  21:00 hs. (opened all seasons)

Walk and Gardens
Since we are located into a "forest" you can enjoy and take advantage of what we
call "walks and gardens" which means you are able to discover and get into a ntaural
enviroment full of small animals, vegetation as if you were exploring a big and real jungle.

Relax Apepu
Relax and enjoy the facilities that our exclusive Relax Center offers you.
At a glance some of our services are:
- Sauna and Relax chamber
- Hot Stones
- No Stress treatment
- Choco Therapy

Chill out
This is a distant area from the Hotel in which the main goal is hear cool music, have
some drinks and aperetizers sourrounded by the nature and its charmings.
You may not notice many things near to you but their are still there,
working for you to make a great and special moment of relax. 

It is great for sunsets, after launch and special moments when you are looking for some extra peace.

Tennis Court
A tennis court is waiting for you, all you have to do is book it at the front desk of the Hotel.

Lobby Bar
You can enjoy our Bar service starting at 10 am to 00:45 am.
We have 3 different furnitures to attend you, the Bar style, the traditional tables and
outdoor spaces (balconies and deck area). 

The hotel offers three different places to stay and enjoy excellent meals. The Lobby Bar is a good option. Offers three different furnitures to attend you, the Bar style, the traditional tables and outdoor spaces (balconies and deck area).

Chill out is an outdoor bar to hear cool music, taste drinks and aperetizers sourrounded by the nature and its charmings.

Finally, the Restaurant Caviar, offers traditional flavours with local and unique ingredients

Spa Services: Apepú

All days from 16:30 hs to 21:30 hs 

In other times of the day please ask and reserve
with at least one hour of anticipation at the front desk.

We offer you the following treatments:
Apepu Relax
Lower body parts massage, energetic oil peeling and mud application on back as well as
a foot relaxation
Hot Stones
Volcanic stones give hot in diferent parts of the body, soft massage that combines hand pressure as well specific stone movement. This treatment helps to reactive de body energy .
Mud Therapy

Mud increases the hypodermis general moisture process. It stimulates the blood
circulation as well skin metabolism.

Peeling renewal skin face as well as disitoxication and hidratation

Body cleaning and exfoliation base on clay and mud soft massage
includes hair nutrition

Body Clean
Corporal exfoliation with flour of rice and cane honey clearing dead cells and preparing
the skin for a corporal hydration with relaxants massages, leaving skin smooth.
No Stress Massage
Energy massage of complete body, release tension, stimulates oxygen flow through
the tissues and help breathing.

Feet and hands where reflex point are for different areas of the body
(optional descontracturante massage back)

Facial Anti-Age
Face exfoliation that eliminates the dead cells and prepares to the skin for a later
application of a copper mask and caviar, has an action to strengthen and to reaffirm

An old age therapy which revitalizes moisturizes and tonifies the skin, as
well work as an antidepressant.

The chocolate moisturizes, tones up and remineralize the enzymatic metabolism due
to its oil like element that works on neural system as an antidepressant and ant anxiety, therefore caffeine and other components stimulate the euphoric leve

We accept:

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